Release Notes

Release Notes

R10 (14.03.2019)


  • New: Personal access token (PAT) for programmatic authorization
  • New: Configurable email notifications for account usage

Account management

  • New: Profile management in the browser
  • New: API token management in the browser


R9 (08.02.2019)


  • New: Apps section for browsing and viewing apps in the browser
  • API: App grouping via /api/v1/groups and /api/v1/group/{id}: an app group contains all versions of an app
  • Calculation logs larger than 10MB will be truncated
  • GUI: Visual aids to highlight the current section you are in


  • API: when creating a new analysis, the parameters may be set by using “TaskName”: {params} instead of “TaskId”:{params}.


  • API: Listing workflows now also accepts an parameter that restricts the result to the requested workflow ids.
  • API: Get workflow now returns the parameters for this workflow if fullDetails=true


  • Usage statistics are correctly counted in the App API
  • Apps from Docker Hub are now supported
  • Calculation logs larger than 10MB will be truncated to prevent errors in analyses
  • Dataset upload can no longer fail when preserving the original files
  • API performance improvements


R8.1 (23.01.2019)


  • Exploratory workflow uses umap and Leiden algorithm


  • New: configurable filter elements for all visualizations
  • New: Clustergrammer app
  • Summary: names instead of IDs are shown

R8.2 (28.01.2019)


  • API upload: .gz file support


  • Downloading a multi-gigabyte dataset as zip no longer results in an error.